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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Oct 23, 2021

Rob is back and we're going down a virus rabbit hole. Smallpox is one of only two viruses that have been completely eradicated from earth thanks to the invention of the vaccine. The smallpox vaccine was the first of its type, and took over from the much less effective inoculation procedure of variolation which included...

Feb 24, 2021

This week Rob and I discuss the seemingly immortal husband of the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip. We also recounted the fascinating case of Armin Meiwes who arrange to meet a man he met online, then ate him. All consensual of course. Stay safe Garys. F£$k COVID. 

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Feb 5, 2021

You know the drill by now. Rob and I put the world to rights discussing a multitude of topics from fossilised dinosaur foot prints, Bigfoot, giant squids and huge Amazonian attack spiders. Stay safe Garys. F£$k COVID. 


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Dec 27, 2020

This was fun one. We recorded this before Christmas and during our discussion on why Rob has 50 boxes of viagra, his roof collapsed in live on the podcast, just what you'd expect whilst recording. Hope you all had a great Christmas ! Enjoy.

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Dec 4, 2020

Robs back on to discuss the sudden appearance of the Utah Monolith. Fantastic, global pandemic and now monoliths are showing up in random locations. To be fair, I wouldn't be surprised if the aliens made an appearance this year, one can only hope. I also put some of your questions to him, back into the mad world of...