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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Jan 22, 2022

This week’s episode is about the insane survival story of Aron Ralston. This guy wanted live! 5 days spent trapped, suffering tremendous deprivations, no sleep, blood loss, lack of oxygen to the brain, dehydration, hypothermia, starvation, and on the 6th day he just had to deal with the small task of amputating his...

Jan 15, 2022

This week we discuss an area in Scotland dubbed the Falkirk triangle. The sky above towns and villages within the area yield thousands of UFO sightings. We also discuss the A70 abduction incident and the curious case of Robert Taylor who encountered a very strange object in the woods.


Jan 8, 2022

This week we chat about extreme couponing. How it’s done, the benefits it has, and the time it takes. Then we chat about 3 women that took their coupon clipping skills to the next level and ran a $400m counterfeit coupon scam out of Phoenix, Arizona before being caught by the authorities. 

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Jan 3, 2022

Happy new year everyone! This week we discuss the revenge attacks carried out by a group of monkeys in India after dogs killed one of their infants. We also discuss the tragic case of Charla Nash who was savagely attack and had her face ripped off by Travis the 200lb drugged up chimp.


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Dec 24, 2021

In the final instalment of The Kim Dynasty, we continue to talk about Kim Jong-Il and his more than dodgy dealings, his death and the succession taken by his son Kim Jong-Un, the current leader of North Korea. How Kim Jong-Un ramped up the North Koreas nuclear war effort, how he became besties with an American...