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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Mar 20, 2022

In keeping with the Brain On Fire episode where we talked about a case of rare brain autoimmunity called Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, today we talk about 3 other cases of weird brain malfunction. Fungus brain, cannibal brain, and what happens to the brain the moment you die!


Feb 20, 2022

This week we're looking into another mad survival story, the story of Yossi Ghinsberg. He was an Israeli adventurer who spent 19 days lost in the unchartered Bolivian Amazon jungle. He went in underprepared with the intent of adventure, and spent the next 5 weeks surviving the savage jungle, 3 of them on his own! 4 Men...

Feb 6, 2022

Random chats about things you didn’t need to know but are interesting to know non the less, like rainbows only existing for humans, bullet proof animals, the most common cause of death and did you know that pigeon poop is the property of the British crown!

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Jan 8, 2022

This week we chat about extreme couponing. How it’s done, the benefits it has, and the time it takes. Then we chat about 3 women that took their coupon clipping skills to the next level and ran a $400m counterfeit coupon scam out of Phoenix, Arizona before being caught by the authorities. 

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Dec 11, 2021

In part one we dove deep into how North Korea and its iron fist rule came about under its God like leader Kim Il-Sung! In part two we take a look at his son Kim Jong-Il, how he fought for succession, his strange unhinged personality, the mental things he did to impress his father, and how North Korea became the...