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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Jun 11, 2023

This is the insane story of Anatoly Moskvin. A highly educated Russian Professor, academic and linguist who spoke 13 languages and taught Celtic studies at university...he was also an authority on local cemeteries....that last one is an indication of his favourite hobby.....collecting dead children.

May 28, 2023

Australian musician, television personality, painter and actor who often used unusual instruments like the didgeridoo and the stylophone in his performances. With decades upon decades on television Harris was well loved and highly decorated, until he wasn’t, when he was convicted in England in 2014 of the...

May 14, 2023

On 3rd December 2020, NHS electrical maintenance engineer David Fuller was arrested after being linked to two cold case murders in 1987. When the police searched his house they uncovered an enormous collection of digital horrors amassed on thousands of devices. The subsequent investigation uncovered a harrowing case.

Mar 5, 2023

Five deaths, millions of dollars in fraud, and 100 years of family power crumbling to ruin in South Carolina. The current ongoing trials and investigations into the Murdaugh family, exposes truths around murder, suspicious deaths and a complex labyrinth of corruption.

Oct 16, 2022

Robert Berchtold was a middle aged man who infiltrated and groomed an entire family in order to kidnap their eldest daughter… TWICE! He manipulated and blackmailed Jan Broburg’s parents ­to the point where they basically agreed to let him kidnap and sexually abuse her for a period of 2 years! This is a mental mash...