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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Aug 28, 2022

Aug 21, 2022

During an attempt at becoming the first woman to complete a circumnavigational flight of the globe in 1937 with navigator Fred Noonan, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island.

What happened to the two has remained one of the biggest mysteries in history. Of course, there are some...

Aug 14, 2022

Raoul Moat acted out a deranged murderous attack to get back at the police who he felt were responsible for destroying his life after his girlfriend left him. After getting out of prison for assault, he declared war on the police, went on the run, and a huge manhunt involving an RAF Tornado Fighter Jet was conducted....

Aug 7, 2022

In the summer of 1989, 21 year old Lyle and 19 year old Erik Menendez brutally murdered their parents José and Kitty Menendez in their Beverley Hills mansion, by way of multiple shotgun rounds. Their trial gripped the nation. Today’s episode dives into the what and the why of this gruesome double homicide and what...