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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Nov 3, 2018

Hannah joined this week. End of the month fun, no specific topic covered, we answered questions you guys sent in, chatted about some crazy facts. Prison talk, simulation theory, the universe, bank robberies, boxer or briefs, flying to London from Newcastle via Spain to save money and much more.


Sep 21, 2018

I was drunk. Rob was drunk. Mark was drunk. We got scared by the inevitable rise of AI and pondered how bleak the future is for the human race.We drank more beer. I said some shit about wasps..... Oh yeah, and domestic cats kill billions, that's BILLION'S of bird's every year. My cat killed a frog. Wanna know how much...

Sep 30, 2017

An absinthe fulled conversation covering subjects such as Rob puking up a bar on Wednesday night, sweating like a madman in bed, family fortunes, an impromptu general knowledge quiz and emerging from the woods at 2 am in a suit covered in blood, plus much more that I cant remember!