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Robots For Eyes Podcast

Sep 10, 2023

Tom and Rob sit down for a few beers for the last episode in Season 1. We’ve gotta take a break due to real world commitments but don’t panic, its not the end of RFE. In the meantime there’s literally hundreds of past episode to go back though and over a hundred episodes on Patreon too. Sit tight and we’ll be...

Aug 20, 2023

Why does work get in the way of fun things. We’re missing Rob this week so join Hannah and I on a meandering chat covering multiple topics. I had a beer or two as well. Enjoy

Apr 30, 2023

We are back together this week, however work life for us all is still busy AF, so we spent the episode once again on a meandering journey through some current and some not so current affairs. Topics will resume shortly – there is some good ones on the way!

Apr 16, 2023

Hannah couldn’t record with us this weeks due to work. So instead join me and Rob on a meandering conversational journey over a few beers. This was a fun one. ( (

Mar 19, 2023

Among other random chat, we talk about the SS Ourang Medan. A ship that reportedly exploded in the Straight Of Malacca some time in 1940. Its entire crew dead, no physical injuries, and terror frozen onto their faces at the time they died. No record of the crew or ship can be found, including that of a soul survivor...